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Dante Marsh                                 &
The Vibesetters


Who Is Dante Marsh   & The Vibersetters

Dante Marsh & The Vibe Setters are a high energy Pop/Soul band based out of San Luis Obispo. Dante has played and written in Nashville, Kauai, LA, and recently met his band mates in San Luis Obispo CA. Dante Marsh & The Vibe Setters have played in many sold out shows and have opened for many world class names, more recently opened for Steele Pulse and Journey.

Their goal is simple to facilitate movement. Every show is an electric dance party for everyone. With melodic hooks and undeniable rhythmic grooves, the music has a genuine way of inspiring you to move.

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Music Singles

3 Day WeekendDante Marsh
00:00 / 03:25
4. BONGO'sDante Marsh
00:00 / 04:09
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